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Applying for Auto loans have never been easier. Simply complete our short car loan application. Let us know what type of auto loan you want. It only takes a few minutes to complete!

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Will I Be Approved?

Will I Be Approved?We work with all applicants, no matter what type of car loan you're looking for. If you have bad credit, bankruptcy, even if you have no credit, car loans are still available to you. Our process makes sure you get the best car loan possible. We have solutions ranging from customers looking for bad credit car loans to customers looking for low interest car loans. We do not judge you based on your past, we look at your future.

Helping customers get the best auto loan is something we take seriously. The lower the interest rate the more money you save. Our online auto loan application is simple and fast. Don't let the fear of bad credit keep you from applying with us. We help people acquire bad credit auto loan financing everyday. Car loans for people with bad credit no longer carry the dark cloud they once did.

How Long Does It Take?

How Long Does It Take?Our online auto loan application only takes a few minutes to complete. After your auto loan application is completed, you will receive an email from us within minutes.

After you speak with your representative regarding the details of your car application, you will be directed to the next step. Many of our customers have driven their new car home the same day. Bad credit auto loans are easier than ever to get. If you're sitting there thinking "I need a car" allow Advantage Auto Loans to put you in the driver's seat today.

Why Choose Us For Your Next Auto Loan

Why Choose Us For Your Next Auto LoanAuto loans interest rates are at all time lows. Lender appetites are stronger than ever. We specialize in Car loans for people with Bad Credit. We take pride in helping consumers whom have experienced speed bumps in the past, get a well deserved second chance. We understand that Auto Loans are vital for families needing transportation. Rest assured Advantage Auto Loans is working hard to provide you and your family the car loan you need.